Gold & Silver

When you buy physical gold or silver there is always the risk of not getting the precious metals delivered or not the quality you expected to receive. With smart contracts you pay for the gold or silver you bought with your crypto, but that payment is only released to the seller after you have confirmed 'good delivery'. This opens an entire new online market for precious metals.

Buy Gold & Silver with Bitcoin

Many Bitcoiners decide to dip their toes into less volatile assets such as precious metals like gold and silver.

More and more bullion companies offer the ability to buy gold with bitcoin with close to no fees, or even discounts.

Exchanging Bitcoin for gold and silver is simple. Let’s look at some options 

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GokuMarket Precious Metal Trade

Buy physical gold and silver using smart contracts. Your purchase is executed in the safest way possible. The seller will only receive your payment after 'good delivery'. GokuMarket guards and executes the smart contract for both parties.

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Kinesis Money

This amazing cryptocurrency is fully backed by gold and silver. But that's not all. KINESIS shares their transaction revenues with their users and pays those revenues in their gold or silver crypto coins. 

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